Dig your hands, Into this dirt of mine,
It's so thirsty, but so am I,
Lay my body into this grave of mine,
And bury me, bury me alive.

Bury me
I'm sick writing all these hate love songs with no
Satisfaction this isn't the way that we're meant to be
Dreaming, waiting for a savior,

[fade in harmonized ahhhhh]


Is he coming now?
Better hide your eyes,
If you can't see him
he can't see you after all
You need proof that your
heart's still beating

La la la la la bury me

(bury me)
I laid an alter at her feet;
I poured water over her head,
And I prayed all night that she'd ignite,
But I suppose it doesnt work like that,
Letting go never comes easy,
Not to anyone, and don't pretend you're the only one,
I've been hurting every day
And every second I waste
staining these pages with ink
I wonder if I should be out there
winning you over like I always do,
my head spinning as our hearts race beats in perfect time.

[outro, sceamed] x4
So bury me in this grave of mine,
I'm sure its painless, how I've been dying.
Don't be selfish, there's no denying
You know you look so lovely crying.

[fade out]
I thought these were some really good lyrics.
There wasnt TO much "bury me, kill me, diediedie" as there is in many of these songs.
One thing i have to say is that all of the meaning from those last lines will be lost if they are scremed,
not because that is not the correct portrayol of emotion, because it is,
but because nobody can understand screamed words.
All they hear is,
Well, i do anyway!

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