I need some opinion on which guitar to get out of

Standard Stratocaster

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Ibanez RG370DX
All of them are affordable for me

and I play like metal, rock, classic rock ect.

I like them all, I'm just want to know which one is the best buy.
I sort of leaning toward the Strat because of it has whammy bar, 3-pick ups, and 3 different settings and I know the Strat has a good rep.
but, thats just what I think.

but, isn't the Ibanez better for metal?
well yea the ibanez is best for metal,not so sure about its trem though.les paul could do metal to.
you should look into schecter guitars if you want versatility and quality instruments.I just bought my hellraiser FR yesterday and it's the best thing ever.
I am sure you will be best off with the Epiphone Les Paul. It covers Rock and Classic rock a lot better than the strat, and can do metal.

The Ibanez has mediocre looks in my opinion, and can do metal, but not classic rock.

Go for the Les Paul.
High as tits
ibanez ic400, better than rg, you'll love it; you have to buy them in ebay
ic200 and ic300 are fine too
if you like classic rock, you should cross off ibanez because while the other two can do metal with a pedal or two, the ibanez cant pull off the classic rock
I would say Strat. Just because. It plays well, and is comfortable. The Les Paul is kind of heavy and not contoured...unless...did Epiphone also do a weight relief on their LPs or just Gibson LPs?