hey guys, lately i have been learning a lot of picking patterns to hold constant for cool chord changes. The problem is, when I seem to do the picking pattern, I always fold under "the pressure" at least once or twice. What I mean is, say Im doing this same pattern over and over, but over differnt chords(it sounds really good), when im thinking about keeping it consistent, I always mess up once or so, even though its second nature to do the pattern. I know its kind of confusing, but any help is appreciated.
Calm Down.
You'll have it handeled as soon as you chill out about it.

Pressure=bad. Playing guitar shouldn't make you feel pressured.
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yea i know, its just like anything that is very repetitive, i always have at least one little slip no matter how easy i can do it
yeah dude i get that same problem...its like my brain just skips a beat or something lol...but really the more you stress over it the worse just try to chillax
it doesn't bottle you're mind, it boggles your mind. Like the game, boggle.

Anyways, what part of what rythym is it that you keep messing up on? maybe it's just a simple "practice makes perfect" sort of situation...
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playing guitar is fun. keep it that way
It doesn't qork quite that easily. Someone could consider it fun to be able to play fast, but long hours spent practicing exercises aren't always fun, though they're necessary for speed.
I always get that pressured feeling when I'm trying to record something, like i HAVE to get it right.

which is why generally end up redoing it about 3 times and finally just leaving it with a couple mistakes. but then when I play it just to play it I make no mistakes.

so lately I've just been forcing myself to not care if I mess up and play like I normally do. it works!

or is it that you're not really feeling pressured, but you just kinda screw up for no apparent reason? I remember I used to do that, I'd be playing a long section with similar or the same picking, and doing fine, when outta nowhere I just screwed up my picking pattern... like way back when I learned War Pigs I would get that on the little part at the end with the 1 5 7 powerchord thing. I just got outta that when the picking pattern was just second nature to me.