I have a typical strat copy p.o.s. (stupid Jay Turser!!! *angry*).

Anyways, Obviously I am goin to upgrade the pu's to some brighter ones. I was thinking lipstick pu's. I read on Wikipedia that they used them on cheaper models in the early 60's. It also says they are slighlty larger than typical strat pu's, but some companies sell lipstick pu's in strat-size in order to bypass any routing of the body.

So, where can I find some lipsticks for around $150 a set (3 pu's)?
Lipsticks were used in Danelectros. The only company I know of that makes them for strat style guitars is Seymour Duncan. They are $80 each too. I wouldn't recommend putting 3 in your strat. Maybe one in the bridge, or one in the neck, but not all three.
Well come on, it's a cheap Strat. if it can't get good Strat tones, you may as well turn it into a poor man's Rickenbacker.....

uh, GuitarFetish.com sells lipstick tubes for fairly cheap. try that.
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