I need a new amp so i was looking at the Hot Rod Deluxe on Craigs List and someone near my area is selling it for 450 mint! I play blues and classic rock. I play John Mayer, SRV, BB king, AC/DC, And jimi hendrix. Can someone if this would be a good amp for my style. And if anyone owns it, please to me how you think it is. Thanks
Ive seen them go for cheaper but that is an alright deal. Its really more of a clean amp than anything else though. The cleans sound great but the overdrive leaves much to be desired. I would go try it out and see what you think.
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For the money it's some of the best cleans you can get. The od isn't good though. I've basically replaced the od on mine with a green screamer (soon to have a byoc ts though) and it's perfect for classic rock and the such. It sounds very nice when it's getting slightly overdriven. For the money it's a good amp as long as you're willing to replace the od.
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I paid $400 dollars, and he had to ship.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
I'm glad I got mine when they were cheaper. 400$ new from GC
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not