i'm trying to find out which guitar would be best for me since i play alot of heavy metal and alot of children of bodom and i use alot of drop tunnings so can u help me
Get the Alexi 200.
Nevermind, I pretty much just said that to confuse you.
Get the other.
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Quote by Justin_43130
get a jackson RR


but out of those two, a mh250's definatly better

you also only have one pickup on the 200
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alexi-200 = ****. I love Laiho's playing, but why get a crap guitar because it has his name on it? If you're looking for some good, and cheap guitars, get an Ibanez or a Jackson.
neither get the Jackson RR
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Get the one YOU like most, if you like them both equally then get the mh 250 :P The number in the model name is bigger therefor its better....


the mh250 has 2 pickups while alexi's only has one so thats a bummer because cleans sounds better through the neck pick up. The mh 250 has a coil tap so its more versatile than the al200. Neck thru = more sustain, laihos = bolt on (ew).

Mh250 you get more bang for your doll hair.

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