Ok, so I own a Jay Turser JT-55P, which has two p-90 pickups. The guitar is solidly built, but the pickups aren't anything to brag about. Anyway, I plan on installing either a set of Seymour Duncan Custom Soapbar SP90-3's, or one Seymour Duncan Custom Soapbar SP90-3 and one Seymour Duncan Soapbar SP90-1 Vintage. Which pair would you recommend, if you know? I'm leaning more towards the second pair.

Also, I want to rewire the whole thing, and I'm wondering if a electrical set from guitarfetish.com is the best option, or is there something better. Thanks to anyone who can help!
Yes, a complete kit would be a good idea. Guitarfetish seems to have top notch quality on most of their stuff, so I would trust them for that. You could also consider their pickups... For the price, it may be worth trying one out before you drop a couple hundred on SD's.

I say that because I just put a GFS pickup in one of my guitars and I love the damn thing. I've never used their P90's, but have heard great things about their Dream 90's and Dream 180's in the standard humbucker housing. I imagine their P90 is going to be similar to the dream 90?
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