Wtf? I was watching an old episode of headbangers ball and I saw a bunch of guys with hollowbodys? One of my friends who plays metal apperently also uses a hollow body.I thought they werent good for much more than classic rock,blues and country. :
Hollow bodies sound amazing with distortion, the schecter c-1 does metal pretty well
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look at the xtone i think there called by esp also a epiphone dot studio and if you got the bucks look for a gibson es-333
Well, full hollows can't handle high-gain music without creating some horrible feedback. however, semi-hollows (very few "hollowbodies" are fully hollow nowadays, really only the big-bodied jazz boxes, Gretsch types, and the Epi Casino) can probably be pushed into metal territory, depending on how you do it...
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I've got my Ibanez Artcore (full hollow) sounding really good in C Standard and playing Into the Void (Black Sabbath original, first doom metal song), as well as some Queens of the Stone Age and Dream Theater, it sounds great.
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i've heard some great high gain sounds come out of a semi-hollow bodied guitar. its DEFINITELY possible.
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