now, i like phasers. a lot. and i usually read most of the threads asking about them. however, this one never seems to get a mention. theres one for sale on my local craigslist so im thinking of picking it up. however, harmony central reviews seem to swing either to the "its great" direction, or the "it sucks" direction. so im not really thinking that many of those reviews are too credible. so is it any good? whats it worth? is it worth getting?
I'd say try it first. Otherwise I would suggest a script phase 90, just beautiful it is.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
well its not like i need another phaser, i just like them a lot. ill get a phase 90 at some point, but i just dont wanna pass this up if its a good phaser. and trying it out would be a pain, cause its kinda far away (like the opposite end of this craigslist area). id drive there to get it, but probably not to try it.