they are putting the Through the Fire and the Flames tab in the 300th issue of guitar world, hope its like 400 pages long, because they will need the room...

also the call of ktulu is gonna be in there too...
i believe it is next months, but im not completely sure...
go to guitarworld.com there should be some info there...
More of a Guitar Player man, myself, but that would be an impressive tab.
who wants to print those out though? besides, i'd rather have the tab that someone did for their job, not for something to do in-between masturbating...
Call of Ktulu? Nice.
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They did Buckethead's Jordan a while ago, GH2 version. That means they tabbed out the whole solo, and as far as I know, they did a pretty good job (I can't play it! haha). They tabbed out the beginning for a regular guitar without a killswitch.
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