I've looked through many of these types of threads... I'm gettin a job this summer, so hopefully by the end of summer i'll have enough dough to get a new one.

I've been considering a Fender Strat, an Epiphone Custon SG, a Gibson faded SG, a Gibson faded Flying V.. but any other suggestions are welcome.

Most likely i wouldn't be playing it for gigs JUST YET, but you never know.. in 6 months maybe something will change.

I play mostly classic rock.. queen, ac/dc, guns n roses, etc. i dont want a metal sounding guitar. umm i've been playing for 3 months, but i would consider myself alright for my experience level. my budget would be about $600 - $700 max.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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epiphone les paul standard

PS..dont rush...i didnt get my first expensive guitar ( parkery fly )

till like...my 3rd yr..ehehehhe..real long time ago
if you're not playing live for awhile then don't get the V. can't really sit down and play it so that kind of sucks. it's good to learn to play standing, but sometimes you definately want to sit. the strat would be good for bluesy stuff and clean stuff. i would look into an epiphone les paul or the sg and then continue to save up for a sweet tube amp. another good guitar to look into is a telecaster. thats gonna be my next guitar.
I've played a Gibson Faded V and was rather impressed, it was very well suited for classic rock, and I'd assume the SG would be as well. You might also want to look into and Ibanez Iceman or Artist or even semi-hollow Art star 120. The fender strat would not be bad, but it would be quite different from the Gibson. I own an Art star and I run it through an oldMarshall stack. It has the sweetest crunch for that old classic rock, very very fat tone. But in all honesty, get your money together, and go to the store. Pick out a bunch of guitar that catch your eye. Play them all. Your going to pick one of them up, and with in three second your going to say "WOW" and like it more than all the guitar. Play a few more and go back to it. If it still does it, buy it on the spot. It doesn't matter which brand, style or shape the thing is. If it diggs you, its the one.
The Epi Lp

Never get an exspensive guitar as you're first guitar. trust me you don't want to kill a guitar on accident.
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You'll hear this later, so i'll say it now. You would be better off get a good amp first.

I just bought an amp maybe a month and a half ago, and for my bedroom i'm 100% satisfied with it.

What about a Fender Jaguar? The look of it is incredible. unforunately, they don't have it at my guitarcenter, so i'd just have to order it off the internet... but how's the tone of it?
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I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and I love it, I definitly recommend you to get one. As some already said the V is not comfartable when sitting, so don't get one unless you almost always plays standing. The Gibson SG Faded is not worth the money the way I see it, I don't like SG:s because of that they're neck-heavy, the neck always want to go and meet the floor. And you pay pretty much to get the Gibson-logo on it, I don't think it has so good quality either. The Epi G400 Custom may be better, but it's still a SG. I think you should get an Epi LP Standard, a very good guitar for that price.

The Fender Strat is the second alternative, but get a HSS (with one Humbucker and two Singel-Coils) in that case. Then it's good for both playing with distortion and clean, instead of just clean.

That's all I want to say, but it's after all your choice, so choose the one you like the most. And never buy a guitar without try it first.