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A City Grew in my Pistons, Gears, Camshafts, and Oil Plugs

I think I may retire from life;
not in the literal sense, but
one more poetic and meaningful.
To slowly let the cobwebs
build to an invigorating climax
of grasshoppers, flies, ants, and spiders
all couped up in one dusty corner.
I may join them and play poker.
I could let mice make nests in my muffler
then watch a city grow in the
pistons, gears, camshafts, and oil plugs.
Waiting for a civil war riot
while the tires grow flat.
I glance outside and see a spider
weaving a familiar pattern of
up's and down's, trying to make it work.
I remained seated, staring,
deciding to let him have a turn.

Further To Home

I'd labelled it a silent echo;
Another way to remember the past.
Everything we'd said, told each other
And all the secret messages that we'd exchanged
Were filed away, ready to be recalled.
When I'd see her, she'd squeak, squeal
With joy and the smile would spread across her face.
Hugs and kisses, kisses and hugs.
Our nights would be longer than others
As we held each other tight, behind her pink curtains.
Consciously I'd not remember her saying my name
Followed by "I've missed you."
Though in my dreams I'd always be on holiday,
abroad and in solitude.

Soliloquay; a more real-life version
Is to imagine all the choices being taken
And the consquences that come with them.
Your reaction, the words you say and the way you speak
Would be those asides we would see on stage.
Silent reverberations.

When I woke she was staring at my back, an arm around and
Her fingers stalking through my tufts of chest hair.
She laid a kiss on my neck, her breath arousing.
"Where are you?" She questioned, tense.
"Right where I want to be."

Half truths are silent lies.
I was dreaming of summer in Spain.