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it rocks
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it sucks
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Voters: 2.
too average. you need something that makes you....YOU besides garage band
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ouch! that hurt my ears, too loud and close to the mic....

the guitar is freakin annoying man
guitar doesnt mesh with the singing, and the singing is very often off note
and many points of the song your timing was off...

ill be honest man

that was the a piece of SH*T
time was somewhat listenable, but still quite crappy
claiming to be under the influence, wouldn't even be enough of an excuse for that sorry piece of music

dont expect to many positive replies man
cause you probably wont get any

thats truth, the harsh reality

your probably on the band high right now, where you think your songs are great, and your band is awesome, right now, but this "high" will skew your judgement
and in a couple months/years time youll look back and se the crap aswell...kinda like an infatuation....