yes start on the outsides work your way in start e then your E
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What do you mean by ruin the action?
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Well, i'm taking it that you have one way non locking trem. As long as your not messing around with the saddles or moving from say 9's to 10's, changing the strings will not mess up the action. That said, if your are moving up from 9's to 10's, tighten the springs for the trem and tighten the truss rod a tad. If you want to undo the strings one by one, still free free to do so, but removing all of them give you a good chance to clean the guitar. Good luck!
Just DO NOT take the old strings off by cutting them with wire cutters before unwinding them until they are slack. It very bad for your neck! If you were doing that, then yes it could ruin your action (and your neck)!
um i wouldnt mess around with the truss rod if you're just going from 9 to 10's
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It makes a big difference if you have a slim neck. And even if you don't, it will make the difference between playing okay, and playing as it should. This fellow seems concerned about his action, and while you don't adjust your action with, the truss rod is vital in making keeping strings from clacking and fretting out at the action you want. It isn't some mythical guitar part from regions unknown with special deadly powers. Its just adjust the amount of neck relief caused by tension of the strings. You change tension, you adjust your truss rod, and its not hard considering you just turn a bolt.
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