I really don't wanna underestimate my dad but i dont wanna pay $100 to Guitar Center just to get my pickups installed. My dad is an electrical engineer but he mostly plays with cars and house appliances and electronics... just wanna know if he could install EMG pickups easily without messing my guitar? I don't know if all those wires and chips inside the guitar would look familiar to my dad hehehe.
Wiring pickups isn't too bad, All you need is the schematic, if you can read a schematic then you could do it.

I had to have my dad(he's a diesel mechanic) wire all my stuff up for me before I started learning electrical stuff and worked just fine.
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look if I can do it any1 can.
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yeah its piss easy give it a shot, even if u get it wrong, its damn near impossible to ruin anything anyway
the hardest part i have is trying to strip off the wires' insulation housing without cutting into the wire itself. that is by far the biggest b1tch of the whole operation. basically the soldering part is "paint-by-numbers".
i as well, was doing this at 15
You really don't even need to be able to read a schematic unless you're doing something different with the configuration or something. If you can take the old ones out, you can put the new ones in.
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