Ok I have a PC to start with so I need software to record full songs. Now I have microphones, real drums, guitars, cables, etc. so i don't need any software with samples and other useless crap, but something that makes it easy to mix multiple parts(bass, guitar, vocals, and drums) each part together and maybe a few effects like reverb or something.
nothing wrong with trying out audacity since it is free.
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Or Reaper, which is a little more difficult to use, but has more features and is cheap. You can have it for free, but they ask you purchase a license.
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audacity and reaper are perfectly good softwares for recording.

Though if you wanna mix and produce them, you'll need something more advanced like Pro Tools or Cubase.
I use Cakewalk Music Creator 3. It costs $40 dollars and works good with my Fast Track Pro, or other mixing projects. Has decent VSTs included and of course you can get 3rd party ones too.

Anyways, just something else to research. Good luck finding software.

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