Ok, I know I just made a thread, but I just had a thought. I've been tossing up what amp to eventually go and buy. I was thinking of getting an Epiphone Valve Junior because of its hard-to-beat price tag. But I was wondering, is it worth saving up a bit more and getting a Fender Blues Junior?

Music tastes:
Blues. So Clapton, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc.
Classic and Hard Rock: Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Kiss, Queen etc.

Budget (in case you have a better idea in terms of amps): Um.... not really a limit, not really any more than a new Blues Junior.

Won't be gigging.

I haven't got an electric guitar yet (been playing acoustic for a few years though), but (in case you want to know) I'll either get an Epiphone Les Paul or a Strat-style guitar.

Thanks again guys.
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yes, i love the blues juniors, but i don't really know if it'll do your harder rock stuff, maybe a pedal?
and for the guitar, i'd say a les paul.
well all the stuff you just mentioned im pretty sure you just cant do with just one amp
i would recomend the blues junior for you its just not a versatile amp
its good for clean stuff but if you want AC/dc and G and R and all the other crap you mentioned its not ganna cut it
i say save up and either buy a Classic 30 or a Valveking
and for guitar i would have to say Strat on this one cause most of the guys you mentioned used light guitars or what i consider light compared to a Paul

EDIT:wait thats to much power if your not giging
TRY and get a used CLassic 20 wich is a 15 watt amp by the way
or either that or the Valve Junior and put a bunch of pedals in front of it
witch youll probly have to do with the Classic anyway
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Well, I think I'd be able to pull it off, but I'd need a pedal or two (which I plan on getting, just not necessarily straight away). As far as versatility, I understand that I'm not really going to be playing metal on it, but I don't want to. From what I've heard (and that's what I'm going by, so don't take this as complete fact) it would be able to pull off those sounds with a bit of help, possibly even without help.

What I do agree with, is that I should look at Peavey Classic 30s. I have been looking at it, and am also contemplating it. As for the Valveking, well, am I right in saying that its got a modern voice? If that's true, then it isn't what I'm going for.

edit: I know its a bit too much power, but if I get an OD pedal, then I can play the hard stuff at lower volumes.
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You can get a used Classic 30 for less money than a new Blues Jr. Definitely an option. If you have any plans of jamming with another guitar and drums in the future, 15W should be the bare minimum size amp that you're looking at. Your "hard rock" isn't all that hard, I'd actually think a BJ and an OD could handle the bulk of it.

The Palomino V16 is nice, too, and a little higher gain than the BJ. The new Blackheart is probably also similar.
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You Don't Need 100W.

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just to add. most blues juniors are $300 used.

for ac/dc and similar, you'll want a pedal, because it's LOUD before it Ods.

ive got a Bjr and an epi (head cab)

at home i mostly use the epi, which is still pretty loud.
the Blues jr, nails the chimey cleans. the epi gets the darker grittier tones.

i almost bought the crate. ^ it's not a bad amp. sort of in between the two.

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