Hey all I am new to the board and have made a few posts. Recently I have decided I wanted to pick up playing again, after seing my buddys band play(blues style), knowing that most of the people in my fam play. I have stumbled across a few sites that seem to be decent in getting the points and tech, to ya via internet. This is the site that stood out to me the most http://www.guitarmasterpro.net/. Does anybody have exp with this, or a good recomendation on a good place to learn, other then 1 on 1 lessions..

Thanks JOHN
a friend of mine used to do group lessons and he said its was good because not only did you learn from the teacher but you would also learn from the other people in your group and it was also fun.
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people who think that the tuning peg things have to be straight. I went to the bathroom once, I come back, and my friend detunified my guitar, and then asked why it sounded weird. ARGG!!!