ok so i after looking around for while i have been considering getting some new gear

at the moment i have - VOX Ad30Vt
-Cheap strat copy
-Big Muff

I new gear that i am looking at getting - Mexican standard strat
-Peavey classic 30
-Ibanez tubescreamer
-Vox Wah

i mainly play classic rock such as ACDC zeppelin gnr Hendrix Sabbath and also modern rock.

Please tell what u think about this set up and also suggest some things that mite be better
im lovin that set up! Teese wah

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

humbucker guitar would probably be better. most rock can be done real well on a humbucker. i prefer single coils for blues and country stuff, and alot of 50's rock and roll sounds good thru SC's. still your list seems to suggest you like more humbucker stuff. i would advise you get a high end epiphone les paul or similar guitar. gibson ones are ripoffs really. if you do go for the mexi strat, i advise you try and get a HSS one, and play it before you buy it. they range between good and horrible. if you play a good sounding one off the rack, specify they give it to you, and not one from out the back. the amps and effects sound all fine for what you want. i wanna tubescreamer really bad

most important rule: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
The strat layout should work fine, if you still want it. A lot of newer strats, real ones especially, are wired so that the outer pickups form a humbucker-ish thing with the middle pickup. An HSS strat would be awesome though.
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im thinking of keeping to a strat without the humbucker..
i just like their sound and oviously i will be able to get a hendrix sound with them
yeah, most of the best tones come out of a strat, but the brightness can become very annoying. i have a HSS setup, so its not a big deal but all my friends have squier affinitys and the plucky sound can get really annoying sometimes. if you ever do metal by the way, go humbuckers. single coils have a habit of sounding horrible for metal.