So I have a problem at the moment.

I purchased a guitar online and the company is located in Indiana where I am in Texas.

I got my guitar and opened the package and it had cracks on the front due to dryness/temperatures/humidity.

So I sent it back, they agreed to ship me another of the same model.

The same thing happens but not as bad. It cracked on the back side.

So this is the third time.

They ship through UPS Ground. It was fairly cold here in Texas at the time these shipments took place (first = Beginning of Feb. and the second was last Monday).

The guitars are being shipped with a hardcase in a shipping box with air cushions.

Temperatures in Indiana(south bend) are about around 30 degrees on a decent day,
So I am pretty sure its the humidity/temperature change.

I want this 3rd shipment to be the last since I am getting pretty impatient.
I want them to ship the guitar with a humidifier but which one should I pick?

I have been looking at the string/pipe one from martin but that seems to only last for about a day.

The shipment time is about 3 days so I need a humidifier that can keep enough water for this amount of time.

Any suggestions on what humidifiers or any other solutions for a safe shipment?


PS: this is an Alvarez MD95 being shipped.