Fender Texas Specials some of the hottest sweetest sounding pickups


Noiseless take alot away as they are "noiseless" you want a little bite to your sound plus they almost completeley kill feedback witch is cool sounding if you can manipulate it to do what you want it too.... but nonethe less check em out SRV used em plus they are just so damn Hott the sound is amazeing
If you're looking for a great 'Stratocaster' sound, you should check out the Fender Tex-Mex pickups. If you're looking for maybe a heavier tone, get some stacked humbuckers or something.

I have clips of the Tex-Mex on my proffie if you're interested.
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The Texas pick ups cost so much. :'(
Are the Tex Mex awesome? they are cheaper than Texas by a ton.
Well, I use a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT.. It is my brother's amp. I'm going to buy a practice amp before i get the pick ups or after or same time. ( probably a Roland Micro Cube )
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So If I use a Roland Micro Cube, it's all good? or would I have to go farther?

A microcube would be the best if you play metal. That vox your brother has is pretty damn good at everything but metal. Maybe get a smaller version of his amp unless you play metal. Then the cube would be best. Then after a year or so you will probably get tired with your tone and you will need to upgrade your amp. Then if you are still not happy with your tone, pickups might be in need.
No point in getting new pickups if your going to be using a micro cube. Maybe after you get a tube amp you could look at getting new pickups, b/c the pickups alone really wont change your tone much.

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...what amp you got?

btw, the noiseless pick ups are o.k.

Mediocre at best.
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