Ohk so ive got some money saved up (budget is $700 to possibly $900) and im looking to upgrade to a tube amp. Ive been looking around and found this http://www.biyang.com.cn/en/Products.asp?Id=52 on ebay for around $455 AUD. I did research it alot and have yet to hear a bad thing about it (though it was only released recently). My problem is that the amp does not come with warranty or any form of support (probably why it's so cheap) and being a chinese brand theres always the possibility its gonna die on me in the first 6-12 months.
So my questions are:
Anyone had any experience with these amps yet, or with the company Biyang?

Is it worth the risk buying it from overseas without warranty or support?

and if not, recommendations on another cheap tube amp would be good.
(has to be a combo, within my budget, decent cleans, above average - high gain, take pedals well)

Edit!: Oh! and preferably 30 watts or under, need it to be JUST loud enough to do small/medium gigs with.
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I'd buy something else to be honest.
Is there any way you can even try that amp out?
Quote by Moe.
I'd buy something else to be honest.
Is there any way you can even try that amp out?

Nup thats the problem really...no way to try it out and no warranty or support for it. Its sounding less like a good idea by the minute
I know prices are nutty in australia, so I can't really help there.
But I would not buy from Biyang. I don't know if it's the poor writing, but some of the descriptions of the amp make me think it's just a ripoff circuit thrown together with cheap labor.
"Two kind of Real wood and MDF board Cabinet" means it's MDF with a veneer, most likely. Cheap and poor tone.
The emphasis seems really off- they keep mentioning the type of tubes but not the sound at all. Seems like a copied JCM to me, but won't sound as good. Cheap chinese crap, unfortunately.
^ Good point.

With that type of money, You can get better, reliable amps.
save up to $1500 so that you can afford either a jcm900, jcm800, mark III or mesa caliber.
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