and i came up with these two short little riffs. mind you i came up with this after about 5 hours of listening to cannibal corpse and gorguts (both of whom i've never really listened to before). so i'm not really entirely sure whether or not i just learned something i heard in the noise of all the grinding of CC.

i typically listen to more melodic death and thought it might be interesting to stick one of these chromatic things in a melodeath song for fun, but not before i know whether or not i lifted a riff from someone else.

(and if these are crappy atonal riffs i'll just not bother with them )
death metal riff.zip
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those riffs arent really anything at all
nothing really special or metal in em
too slow be the kind of death metal you want

i dunno, if you want keep at it, you might be able to write that kind of music, but its really all in simplicity there, but not to simple =p