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I currently own a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and I am having alot of fun with it. One problem I seem to have is the use of effect pedals in the dual recto. I'm not experienced with effects pedal; I own an old Boss multi-effect pedal which sounds fine on other amps but on the dual recto, it sounds like crap. The delay sounds messy and static-y. The reverb leaves an ugly long drawn note. The wah feature is only thing that saves the pedal. I tried direct input from the pedal as well as the fx loop in the back of the amp but when I do that, the tone gets screwed over. Is it because a multi-effects pedal just doesn't go well with the dual recto???
I'm thinking about just building a pedalboard and I need tips/suggestions. What pedals sound good with this amplifier? Help guys...

Yeah I adjusted the fx knobs in the back every way I could; it either makes the tone muffled with the effects volume turned up, or it sets the tone to normal while having very low volume effects. Direct input just makes the effects sound messy and full of static.
well your fx pedal probably has an output option and it may not be on effects loop... it may be on headphones which will make it sound like ****. It should have a volume knob or a way to adjust the volume to where it sounds right.
how do you adjust the effects mix knobs/jacks in the back...my dual rec. is covered with black plastic over the mix controls and there is no slots for turning it with a dime or anything like that...anyone have any suggestions?
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What pedals sound good with this amplifier?
Any pedal that isn't a digital modelling preamp (Just guessing that's what this Boss thing of your's is).

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They should look like this..


do they not? Weird.
These go to eleven...
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