Are there any wireless systems that are extremely basic. You just plug an antenna into the guitar, and the receiver is just a small piece going into whatever on the other end. No bull****? Not expensive either. I'm just sick of getting tangled up with cables.
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do you play gigs?
if not then you don't need one.
ive played through wireless' that are labeled decent, and yet it still sucks the **** our of your tone.
if you like your tone, then you will just use a lead or an expensive shure or something.
look on ebay.

don't get crap ones though. it's not worth it, even if it is just a hundred bucks or something.
You either need to pay a decent amount to get one worth using (unless you really luck out) or should stick with wired. A simple, decent wireless system will cost you a few hundred dollars, at least. I looked at them awhile back, the cheapest decent one I found was around $400, but I didn't really spend that much time looking, so there maybe a couple slightly cheaper decent ones.
If you have some soldering skills you can always pick up a pair of kids walkie talkies and convert those to a lo-fi wireless system.

Solder a 1/4" jack to the mic leads on the sending one as well as solder the TX button to always on. Solder a 1/4" jack to the speaker wires on the receiving one.

Hey presto!
These guys are right(except the walkie-talkie thing sounds a bit dodgy). A decent wireless w/ dual antennas will be $350-400 US, & will suck a LITTLE bit of tone (you can EQ/boost slightly as needed very easily to compensate). Unless you're gigging, it shouldn't be too big a deal. I have a good wireless system, but I get tired of replacing the batteries when they get weak. Nothing worse than losing signal strength in the middle of a song.
DO NOT buy a cheap, crappy wireless system, because it'll be weak, noisy, & unreliable. I'd rather buy another guitar with the money.
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