I've been thinking of buying a boss ME-50 (used or new) and i was wondering if it is better to just buy the boss or to buy a bunch of diffrent pedal like a metall muff, boss Mt-1, tubescreamer, holy grail etc?

metal muff
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Individual pedals. I used to have an ME-50 and it's a great piece of kit but I didn't use most of it. 22 different types of overdrive/distortion may sound impressive but I only used the Tubescreamer sim and sometimes the fuzz. And ring modulation is a pretty crazy effect but in the 2 years I owned the ME-50 I never found a practical use for it.

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metal muff. I have one and have never looked back upon buying it, its great.
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hmm well if your in europe... i suppose you can't get your hands on any analog man pedals or cmat mods. if you could try to grab a fulltone ocd that would be perfect...
tubescreamer and use it on your lead channel to tightnen things up. youll see a 100% improvement on your tone.
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Metal muff w/ tone boost, but only for the extra EQ functions.

NEVER PUSH THE TOP BOOST BUTTON, it'll make you regret paying money for it.

It is a great pedal, but I agree about the TOP BOOST.

The only time I've used the TOP BOOST was for playing the verse riff from "Bulls On Parade".

TS, Metal Muff is great. I tried the BOSS MT-2 and it sounded pretty thin compared to the Metal Muff. The MT-2 was lacking in MIDS, while the Muff was chocked full of em.
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seperate pedals

Better tone and looks better

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