Say i hav .9 guage strings on my guitar,bt i want to put thicker strings on like .11's,will it make a differance in my playing,wont it make it harder to shred and so on?i need them cause .9's dont work good for C-G-C-F-A-D tuning.thnx.
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it may take a little getting used to...but the difference shouldn't be overwhelming
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its wouldnt make to much of a difference.. probably only difference is bending the strings.. they may feel tighter and u may not get as much of a bend as u do with .9 but hey ur shred skills would be still avaliable so go ahead
You'd probably need a new pick too.
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Have you been playing at C with 9s without a proper set up?

If so when you put the 11s on you'll notice the tension of the strings is more or less the same as a guitar with 9s tuned in standard.

If you're guitar is set up for C with 9s then you need to have it re-set to take 11s or the tension will be too tight and you may start to see some neck bendage.

Thicker strings are something you just have to get used to.
When I changed for 9 to 11 I didn't really lose any skill, if any thing I gained skill, mainly because 11's have better sustaine, basically, just give a go.
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tried s-e-a-r-c-h bar tuning?...

threads like this are made so often.. sry.
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