Poll: Do you like or loathe shredding
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Yes i wish it was still 1985
8 73%
No i like to listen to music
3 27%
Voters: 11.
WOO!! lets get our shreddies out!

Edit: I like shred but alot of the time it is fairly musical. This Ain't.
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That was horrible.

I like shred done well. Paul Gilbert, Satch, Steve Vai, Buckethead etc. But random fast playing doesn't impress me in the slightest, its just nasty to listen to. Whats the point in just playing fast if it isn't nice on the ears?
Wow, I normally listen to shred, but there comes a point when I simply say I'm sick of speed-- this guy you have linked to is a prime example of shred I find annoying. Why? Listen when he palm mutes--- dozens and dozens of chunky thuds with no way to distinguish their pitches.

And since I feel it coming: I don't think he's a bad player, but there's better. I find his technique annoying.
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I'd listen to rap over this..
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I love listening to music - and if the shred is applied to the song in such a manner that it sounds pleasing to MY ear and if it contributes to the flow, feel and dynamics of the song, then I do love shred.
....why would enyone wanna play that fast??
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