I'm gonna buy approximately $1100 worth of equipment (a guitar, amp, and a pedal - all items they have in stock regularly) in a couple days and I'm thinking about offering the guy $850 cash. Is that too cheap? I don't really haggle a lot and I have stuff to trade in but something tells me I will lose out if I try to include it in the sale as opposed to trading it in later or selling it on ebay. Any thoughts?

EDIT: it's at Guitar Center if anyone was wondering.
I'm not sure they will let the equipment go for the price you want but there is no harm in trying to get the price down. The worst thing they can say is no so it's worth trying

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In my experiance the most that guitar center will haggle down is the sales tax. As for trading it in, they do not have a very good exchange rate. Then again Ebay is a bit of a crap shoot. It's a difficult situation.
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I'm not sure they will let the equipment go for the price you want but there is no harm in trying to get the price down. The worst thing they can say is no so it's worth trying


+1 its always worth a try man
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just try it
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most people dont think you can haggle in any shop but you can lol, give it a go.
ive heard they sometimes throw in cases if you haglle a bit. some friends of mine got some guitars that they haggled for but im not quite sure how much down. at least try
Start off with little over half of what he is asking and work your way up.

If he refuses just keep saying "Your busting my balls".
Just go as low as you can and keep going for ages. And then try the old "nah i'm gonna try somewhere else" Then if they say im not going any lower then thats the price for you.
yeah dude, in my experience you can haggle guitar center down quite a bit.
a friend of mine got a 2.5k Taylor for $1,999
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Go for it man! I got a guitar I wanted for £470 getting it down from £600, you got nothing to lose
Okay I'm going in either wednesday or thursday I'll let you guys know how it works out.
Be friendly about it, don't act like a prick about negotiating. Make jokes, and ask if they'll 'throw something in'. What sort of price is the pedal? If they don't want to lower the price of the guitar/amp, offer a bit less than they're asking, and try and get the pedal thrown in.

Nothing wrong with negotiating, but try and make them feel that they've gained from it...don't commit to buying the things, and then say 'will you take a bit off the price?' Ask how much it's going for, talk about the gear a bit, and then make an offer a bit lower than you think they'll accept.
that's way too cheap in my opinion...i would think you could get $200 off of it, maximum, and only if he's a really nice salesman
I got my guitar from $650 to $600.
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I got two guitars for $600 instead of $1,000. At Cincinnati GC.

One was used though and I saw a few cosmetic things and they freaked out and lowered the price way down.
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Offer you lowest price, if they dont like it, walk out. There are plenty of other stores. If they counter offer negotiate that.
You will get a good idea of how much they will go down.
Do your homework and price stuff on the internet.
This is what i do when buying a new car. I get up out of the chair and shake hands during the negotiations and tell thanks for the offer. They come back with a better deal real quick.
Just be firm.
Good luck! Let the Pit know how you did.
I saw a guy use a really good haggling strategy last night at work (GC). He came in and said "All I have on me is $225 cash, can I get a _____?". I forget what he ended up getting, but it was something that was like $275 originally, and they took off $50 for him. Try that out?
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Its simple walk into the shop with the frame of mind that you are interested in the guitar but not desprate for it, also give the impression to the shop owner that if they dont sell it to you you could easily walk straight to one of the competetors and buy it for cheaper. Remeber that you will have an advantage shops need to keep there stock selling or they makle nothing you will always have the power to walk away and dont forget that, and the last thing they want is for you to leave the shop empty handed. A few tips i can give is dont say how much money you have for example if there was a £400 guitar and you said you had £350 on you they will try and sell you a £350 guitar for full price instead. Just be carefull in the information you give and stay calm while your doing it. One more thing aswell if they say no dont be afraid to walk away, get a figure in mind that you would be happy to walk away with, offer them about 60% of the original price and work up to your figure. Good luck anyway. Hope this information helps.