Just wondered what you lot thought of my new amp head box. If the amp looks wrong, it's because it's a 6101, which is really a 1x12 combo, so all the writing is up-side down! Stops people festering with it when I'm not looking

Let me be the first (online) to tell you how good it looks. Nice idea putting it upside down.

Wait... was it a head to begin with?
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Thanks darren. No, it was a combo, so it was up the other way, the tubes are now pointing up instead of hanging down. With eleven of them, they create a lot of heat, which can't be good if it's soaking back into the amp. Now the heat just rises straight up & away from the amp instead.
That looks brilliant! Also sounds like a clever idea with the heat thing. Did you add any extra stuff to keep the tubes in place? And is there a grille or something on top for ventilation?

I'd like to see pictures of different angles, 'cos it looks great.
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There are retainers on all the valves already, so that helped.I haven't put a grille on top as the whole back is just grille. I haven't got any more pics yet, didn't think to take any, it spent 18 months as bare ply!! I'll take some more later & try to post them.
Cool, look forward to seeing them. The whole back as grille? Metal or wood?
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
What amplifier is it exactly?

Looks good, btw.
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Here's some extra pics, including a guitar hanger thats detatchable, hope you like.
Mrcarrot, it's a Marshall 6101LM, the mass produced 30th Anniversary 1x12 model.
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I love the guitar holder idea!
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
Thanks, It was cheap too, the hanger was £4 from ebay & the wood was an off-cut of solid wood flooring I fitted for someone
It's just ordinary 18mm birch ply, butt jointed on the corners, glued & screwed, I had to add a piece of wood around the back, just ordinary soft wood, & covered it with 2 coats of exterior quality wood stain (i.e. coloured varnish). It hides a multitude of sins