i know there was a post like this a while back, but i was wondering if anyone else had died in a dream? me myself i have died twice in a dream. once by falling 50 ft, and the other by getting stabbed in the head. both times i felt it and when i got stabbed i felt the killer twist the knife. so anyone else die in a dream?
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I woke up.

I got my computer.

I went on UG.

Head exploded.

End of dream.

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Almost died, I got chased by a dinosaur around the school once and hid under thge yellow stairs.

He didn't find me

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I did , I was walking down the street, then Anakin Skywalker came and started shooting me but I dodged his laser bullets, then when I was on the floor he threw his lightsabre at me, I died, I was just layed there asleep, dead
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Yes. one time I had dream where i was in wheel chair stealing chocolate eggs from a shop. Than the security guard came and beat me to dead with his bat.

-^ pretty ****ed up right there
I got crushed by giant wave that my brother was surfing LOL. Kinda weird. Whenever I die in dreams though - the few times I can remember - it feels cool.
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Yeah, I had a dream where I was a spy and got shot in the back of the head by an SS soldier. But it was in the middle of nowhere. I had this dream twice, and both times could still feel the 'bullet wound' all of the next day.

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one of mine was weird....
i had a dream that me & my bro were in our room playin on Mortal Kombat (cos its f*ckin insane!!! XD) & then he stabbed me with a knife (on the game) then i said to him "aww thats unfair!! you've played this way more than i have!", then he went "i know! mwahahaha!!", & then he pulled out the same knife that he used on the game & started chasing me.... i then ran & fell down stairs, then he threw the knife at me & it went into my left shoulder blade, then he just walked off & i ran into the room my other brother, mum & grandma were in... they just looked at me with a knife in my back & then carried on doing whatever they were doing & i just fell over & died....
then when i awoke, where i was stabbed it was extremely hot!! =0
I've been shot a few times but i never died i usually just lie there afterwards waiting for the killer to go away.

I beat a schoolgirl to death with a shotgun once and then her dad chased me.
i had one of those weird "twitch dreams" while i was partially awake and asleep... you know what im talking about.

anyways i was falling off a cliff and when i hit the bottom, i bounced off of my mattress.... freaked me out and i didnt sleep that night. lol
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I woke up.

I got my computer.

I went on UG.

Head exploded.

End of dream.


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i was chased into the basement of K-Mart, then I was stabbed in the leg by a toy doll that claimed he was Chucky's father, then I fell on some shaggy carpet, and fell into a water hole with elephants... it was really wierd...
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in my dreams theres always a shark or some thing after me..so i just let him get me because i want to wake up...
Of course I die in my dreams, I got shot point blank in the head.
But the best part is I alway turn into a zombie and start chewin on people.
Then I wake up with an uncontrolable(sp) hunger
I always wake up right before I die. I think it's worse that way
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Once when I was shot in the head by a Nazi, and a couple of times from drowning. Not particularly exciting.
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My gf told me she had a dream where she died in a car crash and her last thought was of me.

I was touched.

Also, I sleep talk quite a bit and she told me one night I said "I'm dead" then laughed and didn't say anything else.

I don't remember the dream though.