... ok so, the tuning lock thingies wont SPIN, i put the metal thing in the hole, and when i try to spin it it SLIPS.. it wont turn, i cant lock it, it keeps going out of tune.. im seriously getting tired of this :/ what am i supposed to do... i cant use the whammy.. lol

it sounds like you might have crossthreaded the screw into the locking nut. That means the screw is goin in crooked to the nut and feels like its tight but its really not clamping the strings down. Just get a new locking nut and screws should come with it. Take it to a reputible guitar shop and have them swap it out. that sounds like it to me from the description you gave.
Thats the thing, theres no good guitar shops here, they're all crappy and SMALL.. >_< how much are they? maybe i can order them online..
Look at the problem, better describe it to a professional at stewmac.com-and they can answer any guitar or stringed insrument problem for you free of charge,period.they are not affilited with me ,but i have built several custom guitars, and these people really know thier stuff!it is your easiest way out for this, and thier prices are tops. good luck,stay tuned-T.R.