I have an american fender deluxe strat with a v shaped neck. The finish of the neck starting at around the 3rd fret for some reason is not as smooth as it is by the headstock. I was just wondering if there is a way to make the whole neck smooth? My friend plays a clapton strat with the exact same shape but for some reason his neck is really really fast and super smooth. What can i do to remedy this. Thanks.
have you tried cleaning it?? if not, then maybe sand paper?? i'm not sure.
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yeah i always keep it clean and wash my hands before i play but for some reason it feels like my hands are always gettin stuck
What's the difference between the finish on the "smooth" part and the "not smooth" part? Is the smooth part glossier, or more dull than the other part? If it's less glossy on the smooth part, you might want to hit the not smooth part with a bit of sandpaper. If it's the other way around, you might need to reapply finish to the not-smooth part.
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yeah the not smooth part is much more glossy which makes me think its the finish that slows it down, i will try the sandpaper method, any tips??
I've never done it, but I'd say start out gently with the finest grit you can find, then go from there if it doesn't do the trick. It's like cutting hair, though; you can always sand a little more, but you can't sand a little less. Do a little, then play for a while and see how you like it, and do it in increments.
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STOP! don't ruin your neck by using sandpaper!!!
if you really think you need something on your neck on your own then try steelwool but no sandpaper(!).
I would Recommend a fine grade of steel wool actually (000 or 0000). Sandpaper can be a bit harsh and unforgiving.
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