up for sale -

DS-1 with the keeley ultra and all seeing eye mods.
this is a fantastic upgrade for the fizzy and brittle sounding DS-1. it takes it to a whole new level. used by some big names inc. steve vai. also modded by me, it has worked well for the 2 months since i upgraded it plus it was bought by me brand new and has never been gigged. looking for £50 uk inc free uk postage. i will send abroad but youll have to cover the shipping.

BOSS BD-2 with monte allums H2O plus mod kit installed.

its a lovely pedal in near mint condition. i fitted the upgrade kit myself and it works like a dream. even more transparent than the factory spec pedal. lush overdrive-a-plenty. check the web for reviews, you will be impressed. i am looking for somewhere in the region of £50 uk including free uk delivery. i might send abroad but you would have to cover the postage/duty etc.

line 6 pocket pod SOLD

this thing is awesome. 300 settings inside and another 5000 can be downloaded and installed with the free software download off the net. brand new, i have just got it out of the package to test it. £50 including uk postage. again, i will send it to the world if you pay the postage.

these items will be listed elsewhere so may sell and be removed from this list. all payments must be paypal and nothing will be shipped until money has been received. i am trying to fund a new amp, an orange tiny terror, so unfortunately no trades. unless you want to trade the lot for a tiny terror

cheers for looking,

Thank you please.
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Fairly interested in both pedals. Especially the DS-1

All i've got atm is the amp in my sig? Interested at all?
i have a deposit on an orange "tiny terror" so thats what i am trying to get the cash together for.

if you are still interested once you sell it though, get in touch.

Thank you please.
the prices arent set in stone. i will consider any serious offer.

these pedals rule. trust me!
Thank you please.
come on folks... you know you wanna... treat yourself.
Thank you please.
the pocket pod is history... still taking offers on the modded boss pedals.
Thank you please.
can i see a pic of the ds-1? were the mods carried out by keeley or did you do them yourself. what colour is the led in it?

its got a water clear bright blue LED (clear when off) and i did the work myself. i researched all the information i could, including off the keeley website, then bought the best parts i could from maplin. it is well done and has worked flawlessly for about 7 weeks since i did it. once again, the only reason i am selling is because i want an amp. when i have paid the amp off i will be buying and modding another one of these. it is truly an amazing pedal now. and blue LEDs just make anything look awesome too. the all seeing eye LED is in the O of tone just like the ones keeley sells.

hope you like it.
Thank you please.
these pedals rule. someone somewhere MUST be in the market for one of them... come on... you know you wanna...
Thank you please.