So ive been playing rythmn guitar for about 2 and a half years and i decided that in order to take my next step in becoming a better guitar player was to learn theory and scales, so im praticing the G major scale now, and then to learn the other keys of the major scale, but where should i go after that? any suggestions or advice would help

I would read Fretboard Logic, it shows you that you really only need to learn one set of patterns which get moved up and down the fretboard to play any major or minor scale all the way up and down the next. It will explain how the G pattern you're learning now can be used for any key.
I just started in music theory as well, and all I really knew before was the major scale in G. But, if you look in the stickies, you'll find a FAQ that really explains just about everything you need to know. Either that, or links you somewhere that will explain everything you need to know.
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Well, scales are one of the most important aspects of guitar music...so it follows that they should be your priority. A good start would be the major and minor pentatonic scales, as they're the most commonly used.
take your g major scale and write out the seven notes, then play through the scale each time starting on a different note. The scales you will play are the modes of g major. learn the notes for all 12 keys and you'll have the whole fretboard cracked!
im in the same situation. ive found that the c-a-g-e-d system seems to be a pretty good system. i havnt read anything about it on this site, but i have been reading the lessons on www.richardlloyd.com. it seems that once you learn those 5 scale shapes up in the first position, you can combine them at the right intervals, and climb further and further up the neck. after that its just a matter of altering the major scale to minor or etc.
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uhh look up "S.L. Wiess - Fantasie"
thats a good song to start with, you can find a youtube video of it