I am a casual guitar player and recently bought myself a Schecter Tempest Custom.
The Jumbo frets I find a bit more difficult to play faster chords than on my Epi LP Custom. I do not have much knowledge with fret sizes, but was wondering what size frets are used on an LP??? Also what benefits are there for Jumbo frets vs smaller frets when it comes to playing lead or rythymn?

I do now see that many newer guitar manufacturers are going with Jumbo frets, is there a reason for that?

I have a week left before my return policy expires so I am hoping to get some advice.

Jumbo frets have been around for ages. Jackson was one of the first to start making them popular. Basically, they keep you from fretting out at bends and gives your vibrato a bit smoother feel. It just takes some minor getting used to.
You'll get used to it. It takes a lighter touch to play on jumbos without pulling the strings sharp. So it's good for your technique too
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Thanks for the comments so far...

I dont have an issue playing individual notes on it, only playing chords. I feel like I have to press harder and more accurate in order to play chords fast. (In comparison to an LP or my Ibby S470).

Aside from playing lead, what are the advantages of Jumbo frets for rhythmn playing?