I have a DigiTech RP7 effects simulator fromm around 1997 that has a "crunch" effect I really like. Only I don't want to carry the unit around with me to gigs. I'd like to try to recreate the effect with a simpler box. I just ordered the Digitech "Grunge" pedal in the hope that I can do this, but I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to get what I want. I usually play some open mics and need to plug into a PA. Any advice anybody?
the digitech bad mokey can crunch quite good for only a little crunch of money

its similar to the Tubescreamer, but it can get a little hotter and it has an high and low tone control
To be honest, you're better off buying yourself a nice tube amp instead of throwing a distortion pedal infront of a solid state. If you don't want/aren't able to spend an insane amount of money, you could save up for a little five-watter.
Thanks. I have Fender Blues Junior tube amp. It's just that there's a special situation where it's just not worth bringing. Thanks.
If you can't use the Blues Junior for whatever reason, the pocket POD is good enough to get you out of a tight spot. It doesn't sound great, but it's extremely portable. I suggest returning the Grunge, it's a very, very harsh sounding pedal.