Hey all, I got a harmonica that I've been fooling around with recently and I'm having a bunch of trouble with really basic techniques, mainly I can't get myself to just hit one note, I always end up blowing in more than one, how do I stop this?
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use your tongue to block out the holes you don't want to blow in.. thats the way i do it atleast. quite difficult at first but you gotta get the hang of it really...
enjoy learning to play
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practice the kissy face more.. start at with your mouth relaxed and tighten it til youre only blowing through one hole.

or: roll your tongue and use it as like a straw..

or: fit your mouth to where youre blowing into 3 holes at once.. and use your tongue to block two of them.

PS: the farther you can have the harp in your mouth and blow one note the better

EDIT: honestly just keep the damn thing in your mouth for a while.. youll get it.
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