whoot whoot!!
some people were so drunk and acting so funny...
but it was quite great and amazing and wild...

hows yalls first gigs gone?
Pretty damn awesome.

But that's only because I have a good imagination...
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One of our PA system speakers came unplugged half way through but it go fixed and all the 50 people ) there seemed to be enjoying us

It was soo fun though and the adrenaline rush is awesome. Can't wait till my next one in April infront of 200 people.

Things can only get better though...
My first one was alright, I've performed three times now and trust me it gets a lot better, i actually enjoy it now
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First Gig? we had serious fun! I ****ed up almost every solo and we were everything but tight!
But damn we've all been there now we KICK ASS!!! (in my opinion=))
My first gig was awesome, that was to about 300 people, gets easier the more you play to, the last gig i played was a while ago, back in the summer, there was nearly 2000 people there, in brentwood, with a band called scarlet lights..

Man that was amazing, we did some queen covers and some of our own material. The cover songs we did were: "Born to be wild", "Wishing Well", "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", "Highway to Hell", "Crazy Train" and our finale song was "We Will Rock You".. We will rock you and crazy train got the crowd going like nuts!
Our first Gig went incredibly well! We played to about 200 people and despite my rather shaky/nervous vocals at the beginning, we got into our band mindset and we just played... will not forget that night EVER
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My first gig was great, it was in front of about 40-50 people, the only thing was the our singer wasn't that good, so we fired him
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Eh, I did plenty of meaningless school related gigs that didn't really count, but made my first real gig not a first gig. Pretty cool though, if I remember right the gig I consider my first 'real' gig would be a blues jam in some bar, I messed up a few parts (But lets face it, nobody plays perfect live), and it was about 50-60 people.

I've done around 15 gigs just in the last 3 months, things still go wrong, sound guys still suck, equipment still breaks, and it's still fun.

It amazes me seeing this many people claim 200-300 people for their first gig, that's just unheard of around here unless it's some huge event. We're one of the biggest bands in the area and most shows we're lucky to get over 50 people there (I hate bar gigs )
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My first was OK but that was because I was playing bass for one song in an already established band. My second was terrible, we only had three songs which we didn't know the ends of and the bass player went on a stupid bass solo which sounded terrible, the drummer hit him on the head with his sticks to get him to stop, good craic though
my first show was badass, 50 people came to see us and we won a battle of the bands ahahahaha
first gig SUCKED. i have a terrible case of stage fright so i screwed up even the easiest parts of the songs. it was fun though
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my first gig was friday. my amp when out for two songs, not completely out but very low and fuzzy. and i had a little bass interlude on one of the songs it went out on . other than that it was great.
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