What amp you going from?

What other gear have you got? Stlye you play etc?

And regardless of all that really, theres alot better in its price range.
They are not much better than the MG series. If you get a low power one to make some noise in your bedroom, so be it, but the higher power ones are a waste. The quality of the sound can be bettered and sound level equaled by a much lower output tube amp.

Anyone on UG saying they actually like these and the MG series may as well put up a profile on Lavalife listing their hobbies as drunk driving and date rape. They are likely to be just as well received.
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Get 50w combo w/ tubes instead. I'd bet the tube amp will be louder. Maybe a Traynor ycv50? Great British tones.
Oh no! A failed thread.

Seriously though, in that price range you could afford a brand new Peavey Valveking, or a used or even new Marshall JCM 2000 which will get you so much closer to Slash's tone, and a decent tone in general. The MG you have is a poor amp, and the AVT is basically the same thing, with a useless valve preamp. I'm not flaming, I just urge you to reconsider because you play nice in your profile and you want good tone to accompany your playing. You could even afford a VOX AC15 in that price range.

Don't sell yourself short. I have a 5watt amp that would mop the floor with your current amp and the AVT, and you are way better than me on guitar.

You could even check Blackheart amps out too!