Hi guys, I'm having some problems finding the key of Like a Stone, the song is:

G5 Bb5 F5 G5
Eb5/Bb G5 D5/A D5

Eb Bb D Eb
Ebmin C D Gmin

It seems that the key is Gm, but:

1) C is not part of the G Harmonic Melodic nor the G Natural Minor scales.
2) Eb is not part of the G Melodic Minor Scale.

The solo seems to be part of the G Natural Minor scale (Dmajor). But in this case, the C in the bridge should be Cminor, the D chord should be minor too.

So, what's the key of this song???
Gminor it is. easier playing it in Aminor imo. Think thats how cornell plays it acoustically
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Polaco The key is Gm shown by it either being Bb or Gm because the only notes he plays with accidentals are B as Bb and E as Eb (in the last section of the solo he plays every letter note), and the acoustical parts have D7 which is the seventh chord for Gm scale.