i just started trying to play and am teaching myself, i bought a few tab books and have been going along with those but find myself confused about alot of things. one thing are scales. major, minor penatonic blah blah i dont get it. can someone break down easily what they are, why i should know them and where to go to get help with them? thanks very much and like i said i just picked up the guitar within the last month so....
scales form the base of many solos and riffs
you don't really need to know the names and such
at least not now, you can still learn the scales now and the names later
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Scales are sequences of notes that are put together using tonal properties of chords and progressions; eg how notes follow one another. They're used in figuring out which notes compliment one another, as well as regionally specific tones. That's about it. Memorize em if you can, start messin with them. That's it.
The biggest regret I have when I started was not having a teacher to ask. I played for about a year before I decided to take lessons and had to reprogram myself to lose some bad habits. Just my two cents.
Yeah, like the guys above have said, scales are a key part to guitar playing. They act as a basis to solo'ing but also allow you to see what notes/chords fit into a specific key as well as seeing what notes compliment each other.

One website I could lead you onto would be Cyberfret and that would be the page which has various lessons about scales on, just have a look about that. That should help somewhat.

Whoops, should of mentioned a few.. Erm, Major and Minor would be some fo the first. Also the Pentatonics scales.. Basically its a case of learning them and then playing around with the notes inside of them to create your own solos.
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thanks, thats alot of scales. should i concentrate on certain ones first?

Forget em for the time being, they can come later - for the time being you're better off just concentrating on learning chords.
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Find a good instructor and ask them your questions. If you are going to use a book, use a beginner book. In a year or so, spending time with beginner books for a month or so will seem paultry. Have fun.