what are some stores that sell band t-shirts? I know Virgin Megastore and Hot topix does, but else?
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Spencer's has a few

Check some of your local music stores that tend to sell vinyl. A few of mine have quite a few band tees
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what places sell band t-shirts (not online)
Yet you don't include a location. Not even the country you live in. Moron, much?
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honestly, i buy from hot topic mostly.

i know, i know. hot topic SUCKS. trust me, i know.

but i dont really have anywhere else to buy band shirts around here. so hot topic it is
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Go to a local mall and see if they have random vendors. I saw some when i was in toronto.
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yeah.... it's too bad corporate america makes us go to crappy mall stores to buy cool stuff.

this is why I go to San Francisco to buy stuff. but of course this only works for people that live in the bay area.
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