Now, i have made my decision... kind of. After much debating, I have figured out that I either want a Carvin Legacy combo or an avatar 2x12 cabinet. I have a Bogner Uberschall head at the moment with a Peavey 4x12 cabinet. If i got the Legacy i would use it as a clean amp (love the sound but not much of a vai/shred fan). If I got the avatar it would be much more portable, but the Legacy would boost my tone. I play out a lot so both are important to me. Suggestions? Or am I being stupid and the choice is obvious? Thanks in advance!
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In my experience, as long as you like the sound of it, always go with a stack/half stack, etc. Combos weigh a thousand pounds and are awkward to lug, whereas a stack can be rolled, carried seperately for less weight, and so on. You've got more options with micing for recording as well with a cab/head. Just my opinion.