lol, here's a riff i made the other day, and decided i'd try screwing around with the drums on powertabs alongside it. I like it alot, but theres still no way for me to add cymbals or snare T_T (i need guitar pro...)

Anyway, tell me what you think.

not really sure if i should use it in a song...sounds like a chorus or an outro maybe O_o


P.S. i don't play drums so don't freak out on me if it sucks o.o;
yeah thatd make a great outro
use it like i used the main riff in my last song [called "another day", check it out]
perfect for soloing over

and btw
do you wnat guitar pro?
i can tell you an easy way to get it [not buy it haha]
pm me, with like an aol sn or something, ill help ya have it in a day