hello guys I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions I have.
I was wondering if it is possible to ever atain the speed to play Through the fire and flames by Dragonforce because I plan to play guitar 24/7 in the summer vacation to improve my skills and speed. of course not just only to play that song but also to play that kind of music or to play that fast.
I also wondered if you have any tips on how to learn to play as fast/like that, I am already practising sweep picking, economy picking and improving my alternate picking but only very basic, but do you have any tips on how to diversively practise those techniques and to apply those techniques to my "normal" playing, maybe you could give me a link to a lesson or something else on this website or anywhere else.
sorry if my grammar/spelling is not correct, it's probably because I'm Dutch:P

thanks in advance
My tips for speed:

Relax, go slow, hear it at tempo (harder than you think)
Well...a rumour i was told once was that good aul dragon force didnt play it as fast as you may hear it and that it was sped up afterwards. Even after seeing them live...they couldn't play it at a slower tempo

When i used to be obsessed with speed etc. i felt it best to have a sort of timetable/plan as to your practice. Say 15mins doing one particular technique then another 15 mins for another etc. If this is the 'musical' route you plan to go down, i would consider learning your theory also and also making your own music so much more fulfilling than playing other bands songs i feel

Just start slow with everything! The technique will come with time and then you can speed it up when its all clean =] oh that reminds me, practice with a clean channel and not dist. That way you know it's being played right and bad technique isn't being covered up! You can use your new picking techniques and mess about with scales etc like, going up and down scales in 6th's or 4th's

Check out some vids on youtube to help you with your technique and make sure you are doing it right

EDIT: Play slow and simple? In my opinion its what makes music great! Ach, well i tried...i get some credit for that don't I?

Good luck, Matt
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thanks for the tips, keep em coming:P
btw I knew the recording from through the fire and flames was fake but even though I wondered if it was possible to play it like the recorded version because on the recorded studeo video you also see them play it and it looks pretty accurate and believable.
There's a popular quote about speed...

"Speed is a by-product of accuracy"

If you can master the technique slowly, making every movement of your body economical towards your final goal it is far easier to improve than trying to correct mistakes and bad technique at a later date...
Don't be too concerned with going fast until you can play it at a slower tempo. It's much better to be slow and accurate than fast and sloppy.
One thing that doesn't get mentioned enough is the importance of hearing what you play.

You should be able to hear (and, by definition then, sing) everything you play. Mastering it very slowly is the easy way to really hear what you're playing. Always make sure you can hear it at a tempo before you attempt to play it there.

sorry if I said "hear" a lot in this post but it's super important.
ok thanks alot guys, I'll practice very slowly and build it up slowly as well and I'll try to aplly everything else you said to my practice
John Petruccis Rock Discipline book or video is very good. I'm sure everyone else will recomend it too, it's quite popular.
And as for practicing, start ridiculously slow, with no tension and build the speed up. Practice with both the clean channel AND the distortion channel. Warm up before practice. There's no point in me continuing, Rock Discipline has it all.

Oh, and use the search button in future.
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if you want speed you need muscle practice. a think a way to practice fingers is to play something 'contrapuntal' on one string. say, i dunno, try playing C-B-C-Bb-C-A fast and clean on the lowest pitch E string. and more down the fret board. using pinky for C, ring for B, etc
i found this site today and it looks pretty good but i havent heard people talk about it at all or anything but ts definetely worth having a look at http://www.insaneguitar.com/
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Use the speed trainer on guitarpro. It's how I learned a lot of the faster, more complicated riffs I know.
Just set it to start at a ridiculously slow speed, and have it increase speed every loop at 5%. Now just play along, and stop when you can no longer comfortably play it. Then do it again, and again, and again. Eventually you'll be able to up your speed to be able to play it at full speed.

And just so you know, the majority of that song isn't that hard. If you have enough speed to play the pedal notes from the rhythm guitar, you can definitely play most of the lead guitar up to the solos.
Don't stress too much on the intro, because that part is legitimately really ****ing hard.

Start with the lead part after the acoustic intro, that part is picked really fast, but only contains like 8 different notes.

But, in short. Patience is not just a song by guns n roses, it's what you need to be able to play fast.
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