me and this bad ass drummer started up a band 2 weeks ago. our name is rapid agression. we are kinda experimental for the moment im wanting more of a classical metal style like yngwie and ozzy with randy rhoads, and from the road were on were probably gonna be like that. we have one song but have yet to record it. we are going to record it and put it out on the internet soon.

add us,

we have a guitar solo (just me improvising) on there and were gonna put a drum solo on there soon.

thanks for your support!
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-Im your daddy

thanks goodbye

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ill be lookin forward to it.
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell.
...lol wtf?
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sounds like you have a severe case of the dumbass.....it's quite common in the pit really just sleep it off