what are some basic barre chords i should learn?
name them, so i can go and google them, and print them out

also, when should i replace my picks? Ive had them for about a year, and the tops arent pointy anymore there like flat.
If you learn major and minor barre chords, you can move the shapes anywhere on the fretboard and make any any major and minor chord.

And as far as picks are concerned, it doesn't matter. Just use them until you can't anymore, although they're much easier to use if they actually have a point.


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lol you havnt been playing for a year if you dont know any of the barre chords. just learn the major and minor first. go here http://www.jamplay.com/guitar-chords/free-guitar-chords.html

your second question's answer is up to you and the style of pick you choose. i play with the hardest picks i can find, right now im using Cool 1.2mm picks that are really nice bc there is some sandpaper like material on them so it doesnt slip. once you notice that the point isnt really a point anymore, its time to trash them
no ive have been playing for a year. I just never learned barre chords because i couldnt do them. I never had that pure noise, it was always like a thump. I thought i could do barre chords because my fingers were long enough so i just said screw this. And i learned all the basic chords. Then i decided i have to stop my bitching and learn the barre chords if i want to be a good guitarist. So here i am
barres chords have pretty basic shapes once you can barre with your finger your pretty much set
Most all of the major open chords can be barred. It's all in how you perform the fingering for them that counts. Some are downright b*stards to do, while others are really easy. The most common is to make the E major chord shape, but instead of using your 1st, 2nd and 3 rd fingers for it, use the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers for the shape, then move up the neck to say the 7th fret, and barre all the way across with your forefinger, while making the E shape, starting at the 8th fret, with the other 3 fingers. This particluar shape can be moved anywhere on the neck and will sound "right". It will of course have different names depending on the root note of the chord.
Do this same thing, but instead of the E maj. chord, try the Aminor shape. Same thing applies.
its simple dude...all u need to know is the notes on the guitar....and the E chord....u take the E chord move the whole thing up a fret so u know have the fifth and fourth on 3 instead of 2 and the thrid on the 2 instead of the 1....now hold down the remaining strings on 1 which is the bottom 2 and the top one for ur root note and u go an F....keep doin that along the whole guitar moving it up one...and w/e the root note is (i.e. the top note) thats ur chord....so from E to F to F# to G to G# to A to A# to B to C to C# to D to D#...keeping the same shape but jus moving it up the neck...and to make n e of them minor jus take ur middle finger off so it looks kinda like a barre chord but ur strumming the whole thing....u can do the same thing with the A but ur root notes on the fifth string but u mute the top E string...but same idea jus move it up...and to make it minor make it an Am shape all the way up...sorta like an E but down one....those are the main ones....practise practise practise
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