critting as i listen. Woah, wild intro, sweet. A bubbly sound. It seems to fit together nicely so far. Not bad vocals. I feel kinda like your going too far with them though, i dont know about singing. Covering too much of a range? Just in the accoustic part really. Its not bad, nice song for a friend. The effects are pretty cool, and not overused. I like it. Outro is sweet, intro and outro are very cool if you ask me. Hope she likes it man!

Mind giving my stuff a listen?

I like it actually. Your voice is awesome. I really really like your voice, but the words are sappy but its not a big deal. The intro could use some work, but overall I really like your voice, its the best part of the song.

crit any song in my profile?
haha that was pretty cool...wans't a major fan of the intro but it was still kinda cool i guess...vox are really good...lyrics a bit cheesey..but alas still a good song to serenade your GF with i guess almost kinda sounds like a beatles song lol

by the way "All Waste" started playing after and that song is SIIIIIIIICK im dl'ing it right now
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i like your vocal style but i think you should calm down on the effects and keep it simple especially for your girlfriend, your singing style reminds me of The Cold War Kids which is good. Some of the lyrics are a bit cliched but they always are in love songs :P

I like your solo as its an acoustic song which you kept simple.. in many cases people put like a shredding guitar solo in acoustic tracks just to show off Overall good song i bet she was pleased.

I would much appreciate it if you could crit mine back please thanks