i play almost only metal nowadays...and because of this I havent really been listening to much classic rock like I used to.

I am just wondering what kind of classic rock stuff you like to play?
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels
guns n roses, ac/dc ermmmm chuck berry if tht counts ( not sure if it does)

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old RUSH is always a good exercise.......By-Tor, Anthem, Something For Nothing, etc......

also, you can never go wrong with Bon Scott era AC/DC for fun jamming tunes........
Ozzy and Black Sabbath stuff is always fun.
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Purple Haze, Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo, Sunshine of Your Love, Crossroads, on and on.
i've been playing black dog and rock and roll lately, which is surprising because i don't play zep that often.
10/7/07- Van Halen
3/16/08- Iron Maiden
1/9/09- AC/DC
7/8/09- Judas Priest
11/10/09- Metallica
7/3/10- Iron Maiden
7/24/10- Rush
4/15/11- Rush-

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